English speaking photographer

Hello. My name is Ken Graham, I have provided photography services in the UK, New Zealand and now in Argentonnay, France.

For me, photography represents an essential medium for capturing special moments in life, preserving images that deserve to be recorded.

My photos are made to make viewers react in one way or another. My portfolio includes slices of life, portraits and creative interpretations. You can view my work in the services portfolio and the art galleries section of this site. Specific photographs can be taken for personal or commercial purposes in my studio or on site.

Photography Services
I can create photographs for you in the following topic areas:

Portraits (studio and/or lifestyle)
Events (engagements, weddings, christenings, anniversaries, birthdays, openings) 
Sports (action, team, groups)
Architecture (commercial interior, exterior, building projects)
Corporate (teams, websites, buildings, operations)
Tourism (interior, exterior, day, night)
Products (studio)
Property (interior, exterior)

Photographic Training and Retreats
I also arrange workshops and retreats with international visitors, no more than 8 people, staying locally for 6 days. This workshop is a block course over 6 days and accommodation will be required. Participants have to organize this, but we can provide assistance and help with meal planning, etc. Planning ahead is essential, to ensure that locations are identified and that accommodation reservations can be made. Participants can show their photos in the gallery at no additional cost. Photographs must be sent 1 month in advance, pre-assembled on A3 cards (no glass), by registered mail at the sender’s expense. Advertising will be done using the Photography-Argentonnay Facebook page and by local email to photographers and artist groups.

Please use the contact form to get in touch. All the best…